Teanum Otre Primitivo 2011

I’m usually good with hanging on to special wines for special occasions but sometimes you need to treat yourself. I have to be honest, I treated myself to this bad boy about 3 weeks ago; I was just waiting for the right time to review it for you all. Out of all the wines I took home from the Port of Wine Festivals 2013, the Teanum Otre Primitivo was the one I was the most unsure about. It also the only one I ended up purchasing that is not readily available in Halifax.If you are willing/able to get out to Joseph Howe Drive NSLC you may still be able to pick up a bottle but it’s the only location that has any in the HRM. 

When I was sampling the Italian coutry-side (in wine table form), I liked the Northern varietals the most (i.e.Amarones and Valpolecellas) but after one sample too many I was determined to pick up at least one Italian wine from some other region of Italy, hence this Sicilian pick. Most of the the Southern Italian wines I tasted reminded me of French Beaujolais which I’m fine with while eating light fare in the Summer, but it’s not my sip-alone type of wine.

IMG_3186I was so happy when I cracked this beauty, it poured out a deep garnet-coloured wine and when I swirled it I saw how it stuck to the glass. It smells of dried fruit, with a little touch of oak; you could breathe it in all day. Of course, who wants to just sniff the wine, you have to drink it.  It a medium-full bodied wine that is dry but with a surprising syrupy mouth-feel reminiscent of port. It’s almost as if  tart cherries were soaked in syrup and stewed with cloves until perfect. This wine packs a punch at 15% alcohol, but due to its unique texture you don’t notice it.

I’m so glad I gambled on this wine and even gladder (not really a word but I’ll go with it) I kept it to myself, it’s ok to be selfish once in a while. If you get a chance to try this wine out I’d highly recommend it, it would be great with a soft-cheese plate (brie or a mild goat cheese), dried fruits or nuts. If you tackled a mushroom and walnut bolognaise, or hearty eggplant dish it would be a great wine alongside to serve as it’s perfect for Fall.


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