Holiday Treats

Happy Holidays! Yes, I’m an enforcer of the ‘Happy Holidays’ because during this time of year it’s time for many different celebrations, not just Christian-based ones. If you say Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanza, Eid Mubarak or Happy Solstice I will repeat with enthusiasm; but because I don’t know your beliefs I stick with Happy Holidays. Now that the political cat is out of the correction bag lets talk about food, the tension equalizer.

I do not have a recipe for  you today because the lighting in my kitchen has been on constant blah for 2 weeks with the multitude of storms, if you are however looking for an amazing recipe that you can get together for gifts in the next few days may I suggest these caramels? I followed the recipe exactly and I am sure I nailed them!

Whiskey Salted-CarmelsIf that is too much work for you I understand, while the caramels take about 25 minutes of stove-top work, cutting and wrapping them can added extra minutes to what you already might not have time for. So my second suggestion is to make some bark. Nothing can be easier than melting some chocolate, added crushed cookies, candy canes, dried fruit and nuts or cereal and topping off with more chocolate, letting cool breaking it up and voila! Beautiful quick treats for friends and family. I made some as well, I started with 300g of dark chocolate, topped with pretzel sticks, drizzled with melted peanut-butter, topped with 300g milk chocolate and then broken pretzel pieces. It couldn’t have been easier or more delicious.

Dark and Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel BarkFinally if you are gifting, the wrapping really makes your already awesome treats stand out. I recently bought the book Vegan Food Gifts, which has a ton of beautiful and easy packaging suggestions, complete with tags and embellishments. The ones below I created by making a tube with cellophane, folding in half and adding the bark to one side and the caramels on the other and then tying with a string. Easy-peasy!

Big and Little PackagesI hope the holiday season brings you much joy and time with family and friends. See you all in the New Year with more recipes and anecdotes!