Final Review of the Wild Rose Cleanse

Holy-cow batman, it’s been a while. I must confess I really needed a blog break so I hope you all can forgive me. Since I left everyone hanging by not finishing up my final review of the Wild Rose Cleanse I decided to make that my first post back to tie up any loose ends. I have loads to catch you all up on, including that I went to Europe, saw loads of things, ate and drank even more lovely things and have been back and cooking without you. I will leave those subjects for another post; today with Spring FINALLY showing it’s face, we are going to finish talking cleanse.

IMG_6076Final Review of the Wild Rose Cleanse

Overall I really liked this cleanse, and more than anything it gave me a loose diet to follow and a goal to commit to that diet. Below are somethings that the cleanse taught me about my own life style:

  • Restricting your diet really helps to make you more creative in the kitchen.
  • When I re-introduced dairy and gluten I felt disgusting. This experience has pushed me to get me off dairy and scale down my gluten intake.
  • I used My Fitness Pal to record what I was eating, to make sure I was hitting the right vitamins, calorie and macro needs. This made me realize I need to watch my healthy fats because the low-carb aspect of the diet made me go overboard on fats.  I relied on them too much while on this diet which I feel wouldn’t have happened had I been a meat-eater. Almond butter curbed my sugar craving which was a great quick-fix trick for me but it became a tablespoon by tablespoon habit, fast. I really encourage you to all track what you consume over a month period, it give you insights into what you are lacking, and what you are doing right.
  • You can really eat more vegetables in a day then you are right now. I didn’t think it was possible as fruits and veggies are in every meal and most snacks for me, but you can, and you should.
  • I know I preach this often but it’s worth repeating, water is amazing! It curbs your appetite, it wakes you up, it keeps your energy going (and yes it makes you have to pee every 30 minutes) BUT everyone should drink more water.

The thing I feel most people want to know about this cleanse is, yes, I lost weight but that wasn’t the point of me trying it so it was a pleasant surprise. Also it was hard to maintain after re-introducing gluten, yeast, processed foods (like pre-made breads) and dairy into my diet. If you have more restraint and can very slowly reintroduce and omit things that cause issues you’d be more successful in the long run.